Painting Magic
"Oh, Adorabella, You look so cute!"

-Adorabella smiled shyly- Thank you. -Mel whistled for Mina-

"Mel!" She calls

-Mel poked her head out from the corner of a shelf and then walked towards them, Adorabella following her in a flower girl dress-

She smiles and slips it on

-Sandra smiled at her- Now you are all ready and gorgeous! -She looked around- I wonder where Mel went to. She is probably wandering around the store somewhere.

"White with Lace."

-She grabbed a box from the shelf and walked over to her to hand it to her-

She nods

-She reached up to a shelf- With lace? A ribbon bow? Red or blue or white?

She takes the shoes out of the box and slips them on

Oh! I almost forgot! Do you want a garder? -She said as she walked to another shelf-

"Heels, Just white is nice."

-She nodded and reached up to grab the shoe box from the top shelf, then walked over to her-

She carefully gets up in her dress

-She walked over to a shelf over by the wall- Now, what kind of shoes do you want? Flats or heals? Just white or sparkly?

"Red please."

-Sandra takes the red lipstick out of her makeup case and gently puts it on her lips, then puts the red lipstick away- There we go, all finished!

She opens her eyes and smiles "Thank you for helping me get ready"

-Sandra smiled at her and nodded while she added the blush to her cheeks- You are welcome! -She set the blush case down- Now, what color of lipstick. Black, red, any color?